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About Uploaded

Uploaded or as it is short for has been one of the leading companies in the file upload industry for many years. This site, which broadcasts in German, English, Turkish, French and Spanish, has become popular both in generating revenue per file download and with its quality infrastructure. In particular, we can say that the affiliate system is very organized and the raps are quite accurate. It offers 5 GB of storage for free accounts offers the possibility to switch to premium membership on the register page. Premium plans include 48-hour, 1 - 3- 6-month and 1- to 2-year packages. On the file management screen, you can see all the files you upload to uploaded servers and track your copyrighted or infringed content.

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There are quite a lot of and different solutions available to upload files on this site. The first priority and the first method that many people use is to selectively upload content through the browser. Using this method is both simple and quite fast, all you have to do is press the File Transfer button or click the file upload icon from the top menu. Another method is to use FTP transfer. For this, the system will provide you with login information in the FTP section. Ftp ip address given here: port 21 username uploaded your id and password password so you can send multiple files to servers very easily.

The third option is to transfer files with a Remote URL. Remote transfer allows files on any server to be transferred directly to our system. Your advantage here is that you do not have to save files to your own system beforehand and you can transfer large files in a short time.

As a result, the uploaded team has built a great site and the content is both quality and quite clean. The purpose of our site is to quickly find the files uploaded on this website. For this you can find the search engine service of many other sites, such as on This gives you access to a video, file, game, or many other extension files on the search engine. Download Limit

Have a different download limits. If you want to download files from Uploaded servers, you will find three different options. The first option is the guest account, if you are not a member of the site, the limit you can use to download files is 50 kb / second. If you are a member of the site, you can download with 70 kb / second. Finally, the premium download option is available, giving you unlimited speed, multiple file downloads at the same time, and ad-free direct downloads.